A brand new way to ride...


* Custom made Leather Treeless Saddle

* Non Slip breathable underside with built in spine clearance

* Adjustable seat, stirrup and rigging positioning

* Western or English Center Fire Rigging with your choice of leather and colors

* Weighs only 15lbs approx. 

* Non slip stable saddle, you can mount from the ground!

E-Z Fit® Saddle


Combining over 20 years of experience in leather and saddle making!



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* Adjustable seat

The entire seat is removable to allow access to all rigging. Cantle,

stirrup position, skirting and rigging
position can all be adjusted with

minimal effort to fit the saddle to any rider. 


* High Density Foam Pommel and Cantle

The high density closed cell foam pommel allows it to size to your

horse. It automatically adjusts to a variety of horses and alleviates

shoulder pressure: yet remains rigid enough to stabilize the saddle;

even when mounting from the ground.

Ez Fit Saddle

* Contoured Padding

High density foam contoured padding sewn into the non slip,

breathable material
, providing a surprisingly narrow twist which alleviates

the feeling of doing a split. This same contoured padding also provides spine

clearance keeping
the rider's weight off your horse's sensitive spine. Riding

Treeless means that your horse is not pushing against a rigid tree allowing

them to once again move freely. It also means the saddle will adjust to the

contours of any horse you ride so you do not have to change saddles for each

horse and each rider. 

High density foam

* Buckle system

Attractive Buckle System  available in plain or engraved stainless, also

serves to secure accessories. Abundant "D" rings for tying down your essentials and rings for adding a breast plate and crupper.

Buckle System

* Measured markings

Measured markings allow accurate adjustments for horse and rider. 


eMeasured Markings